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All Blogs

Fix a frozen Start menu or taskbar in Windows 10

From time to time, certain key elements in the Windows 10 user interface go dormant.

The Best Laptops You Can Buy Right Now

Laptops are an essential part of life these days, with more people working, learning, and

Windows 7 still used by millions of users

Windows 7 the most used and rated Operating system produced by Microsoft as part of

How To unlock Android Phone without losing data?

Many People Forgot Their Mobile Password which may result in data loss, mostly when they

Free Update Windows 7 & 8.1 to windows 10

At the time when Microsoft released windows 10, they also gave great chance to its

Windows 11 Supported Intel Processors

Intel® Atom® x6200FE Intel® Atom® x6211E Intel® Atom® x6212RE Intel® Atom® x6413E Intel® Atom® x6414RE

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