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How To unlock Android Phone without losing data?

Many People Forgot Their Mobile Password which may result in data loss, mostly when they don’t use mobile for long time their is chance that you may forgot your Mobile Password, so if you want to unlock your locked android device without Losing data here is a quick and easy guide.

Unlock Android Device without losing data.

Follow the given steps.

  1. Firstly download Aroma File Manager.
  2. Click Here To Download Aroma File Manager.
  3. Now move Aroma File Manager SD card.
  4. Insert SD card into your Android device.
  5. Now Open Stock Recovery mode in your mobile.
  6. You can open stock recovery mode by rebooting by Holding Volume Up and Power Button(may be different for some mobiles, check from Google for your device).
  7. After entering Stock Recovery Mode.
  8. Select or scroll using volume keys, and to select use Power Key.
  9. Now Click on Install Zip and navigate to Aroma File Manager, install Aroma File Manager.
  10. After installing Aroma File Manager, open it.
  11. Now Navigate to settings in Aroma File Manager and Automount All devices on start and click exit.
  12. Now Repeat the 9th step( open stock recovery mode and navigate to install Aroma File Manager).
  13. Now Navigate To Data Folder>system folder here find “gesture.key” or “password.key”.
  14. Delete that folder and reboot your device.
  15. Type any random password/pattern and boom you have unlocked your device.

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