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IT Support

Even small tech slowdowns and disruptions add up and cost you greatly over time

Whether it’s a forgotten password or a full-blown IT emergency, tech issues sap your productivity and raise employee stress, leading to reduced revenue without a proper IT support staff or partner. Partner with DSA, and we’ll provide expert IT support services that resolve your problems quickly and without disruption. We charge the same flat fee regardless of how many problems we fix and how many hours we spend, so we are incentivized to address the roots of your problems to ensure they do not reoccur.

Why partnering with DSA is so valuable?

Quick Resolutions
Powerful remote access tools mean we can fix most issues fast without a visit
Unlimited Support
We’re dedicated to your success no matter how many problems we have to fix
Knowledgeable, Friendly Technicians
Our seasoned support staff understand your frustration and are experts at jargon-free explanations


Reliable on-site and remote support

We know that every second you spend waiting on us to fix your issues is lost productivity, so we employ advanced remote access tools on all your systems. These allow us to fix most issues from our help desk in a matter of minutes after a request. If your problem requires the hands-on approach, we’ll be there fast with a solution.

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